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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Kevin Young - Beyond Words

       Mudd Club 4th floor gallery
       Manhattan, April 1981


If you bomb

the IND

or tag the 2




dousing it in tribal


shrapnel, you're it

—the shit—

If you can lie


between the rails

—Please Stand

Clear the Closing—


or press yourselves

betw. train

& the wall


spray can rattling

like a tooth—The roof

the roof


the roof is on


the 6 will whistle


past, swinging

like a night stick—

Officer Pup throwing


a brick

@ that Mouse

Ignatz, in love—



you'll have found

risk. A calling—


Crash, Daze, Pray

covering trains

like cave paintings,


avoiding the German


while the cars sit


in the yards

—what no one else in this

city owns. Making


their names

known—Dondi, Boy-

5, B-Sirius, Crazy


Legs, Coolie C—

The city clears

its throat


the subway shaking

the buildings above—

We don't need


no water let

the motherfucker

burn— Futura 2000,


Phase II, Quick

& Sex & Zephyr

& Lady Pink—


Fab 5 Freddy

(n� Braithwaite)

saying everyone's


a star. "Rapture"—


the whole planet's in

on it—Chilly Most

Being the Host Coast


to Coast—Freddy's painted

Campbell's Soup Cans that read

DADA & POP instead


of beef barley—

the UFO has landed

& a brother's


stepped out, alien, dressed

in white. Then when

there's no more cars


he goes out at night

& eats up bars

graffiti like 3 card monte—


running, avoiding the pigs

like a black muslim

bean pie. DJ spinning


says my my.

Pay attn.—

say, ain't that


Basquiat spinning


disks behind Blondie—




45s stacked high

as a Dag-

wood sammich?


Hungry, this B-

boy's headed

to the top—Yes


Yes y'all

You don't stop—

blowing up.