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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Kimmo Metsäranta - Abstract Helsinki







With his latest project, ‘Notes on Places’, Kimmo Metsäranta brings a new perspective to the everyday landscape of Helsinki. Kimmo focuses on the buildings usually overlooked by tourists who pass them by on their way to the must-see places. Struck by their colour, shape, or texture, Metsäranta creates pastel andminimalist photographs that reveal the charm and grandeur of the otherwise mundane structures.


The photographer states: “With the series I wanted to add a few more spots to the list from the everyday scenery. These new spots are in plain sight but unseen to most. The city is full of attractions if one chooses to look around. The minimalist images are modified abstractions detached from their original surroundings in order to make the places and objects monumental-like attractions.”