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luís soares

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Kiss Me All Night

Junior Boys - Kiss Me All Night EP - Out Now
Produced with the financial assistance of MuchFACT, a division of Bell Media Inc.
Produced by: Part & Parcel Co.
Directed by: Sophia Peer
Director of Photography: Adrian Vieni
Production Coordinator: Shada Morris
1st AC: Calvin D'Souza
2nd AC/DIT: Clara Chan
Grip: Nigel Turgeon-Mannion
Swing: Charles Hutchings
Stylist: Murphy Macdonald-Rea
Production Designer: Matt Bianchi
MUA: Alison Sharp
PA: Max Sims
Second Unit Cinematographer (cloud footage): Forest Erwin
Editor: Matt Posey
Animation: Jay Liquori
3D Animation: Fabricio Lima
Colorist: Nikola Mrdalj
Talent: Natalie Peirano, Mauro Primorac, Cynthia Stone, David Phillips

Special Thanks: Karen Azoulay, Ryan Dickie, Millie Kapp, Erica Magrey, George McCracken, Alexis Powell, Rachel Rabhan, Will Rahilly, Derick Rhodes, Nicole Schneit, Annie Sicherman, Kayla Soyer-Stein, Brina Thurston