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Les Baricades Mïstérieuses

Jean Rondeau & Thomas Dunford record "Les Baricades Mïstérieuses" by François Couperin

"We don’t know how to play alone. This is the paradox of the game of music: a cross between extremely precise rules for how to play – how to read this cryptic language we spend our life deciphering, like hieroglyphs – and the magic to which it leads us – its at once organic and dreamlike dimension." Discover Barricades:

Among the composers present in the program is François Couperin, whose "Les Baricades Mïstérieuses" opens the album. Written for harpsichord in 1717, the piece is composed in rondeau form, emblematic of the selections that follow by composers Robert De Visée, Michel Lambert, Marin Marais, Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Jean-Henry D’Anglebert, Antoine Forqueray, and Jean-Philippe Rameau.

Also featuring mezzo-soprano Lea Desandre, baritone Marc Mauillon, and Myriam Rignol on viola da gamba.