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Lewis Bush - The Memory of History










The Memory of History (2012)


A nation is a community of individuals united by a collective memory of the past, but the European Union is a community built on collective amnesia. Countries joining the Union over the past two decades have traded their difficult memories of past rivalries, wars and genocides for peace and prosperity, but when good times end the past returns.


Made during travels through ten countries during the height of the European debt crisis, The Memory of History explores the use and abuse of the past in the context of recession. At the same time, it reflects on historicist conceptions of time as linear and of history as narrative, ideas which underpin the western belief in continuous progress which contributed to the crisis.

Rejecting a fixed narrative structure, The Memory of History consists of a box of fifty-six prints and an experimental essay, The History of Memory, composed of twelve short texts chapters on history, memory and time. Images and text are mixed freely, resulting in a unique viewing experience every time the box is opened as new connections form, emulating the way the past reconstitutes itself differently each time we attempt to return to it.