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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Love Love Love

If dancing happens within several social constraints, are we able to make it more instinctive and true to one's feelings by forcing it?
Can we defy a certain self awareness factor by doing so?
More than thirty people responded to a casting call for a music video, but were not told the recording of this process would actually be in the video itself.
When asked questions about gender, religion, their feelings, and dance, they answered by dancing.
Unlike Rineke Dijkstra’s “Buzz Club” (1996) where dancers were “removed” from their context we decided to immerse them in a very sterile, artificial and even awkward setting in order to capture occasional and involuntary spontaneity.


== Credits ==
Director - Bruno Ferreira
Camera - Bruno Ferreira, Nuno Xico
Creative Supervisor - Sebastião Albuquerque
Production Design - Alis Atwell
Catering & Baby Ducks - Bráulio Amado
Coreographer - Amy Gardner
Editor - Nuno Xico, Sérgio Pedro
Post production - Bruno Moreira
Post Production studio - Mola / Show Off Films
Acknowledgments: Joel Vacheron, Joana Clara Gomes


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