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Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear

December 13, 2015 – Kansas City-based mother-and-son duo Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear finished up a year of extensive touring at Brighton Music Hall in Allston, MA (this being the band’s third and final time in Boston in 2015). The roller-coaster year included stops at The David Letterman Show, NBC's Today Show, Jack White’s Third Man Records, Newport Folk Festival, NPR’s Tiny Desk and a lengthy European tour. After an incredible year it's still all about the music for Madisen and Ruth Ward. "Going from the coffee houses to more of a national stage," says Ruth Ward, "it's really great, but at the same token, when I'm on a big stage with a lot of people watching and really into the music, instead of being freaked out about it-- I just narrow it down to closing my eyes and think, 'Well, they're in my dining room and I'm just playing to a few people'...But at the same time I love the rapport we have with the audience. It's just great."



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