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luís soares

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Maggie Nelson - Something Bright, Then Holes

I used to do this, the self I was
used to do this


the selves I no longer am
nor understand.


Something bright, then holes
is how a girl, newly-sighted, once


described a hand. I reread
your letters, and remember


correctly: you wanted to eat
through me. Then fall asleep


with your tongue against
an organ, quiet enough


to hear it kick. Learn everything
there is to know


about loving someone
then walk away, coolly


I’m not ashamed
Love is large and monstrous


Never again will I be so blind, so ungenerous
O bright snatches of flesh, blue


and pink, then four dark furrows, four
funnels, leading into an infinite ditch


The heart, too, is porous;
I lost the water you poured into it