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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Man alone (can’t stop the fadin’)

tindersticks - Man alone (can’t stop the fadin’) - taken from the new album ’Distractions’ released on Feb 19th 2021 on City Slang

Made by stuart A. staples

Colour grading by Paul Guilhaume

"In the back of a London cab driving through the city at night is a very special space for me. It has a particular kind of aloneness. This fascination grew over hundreds of nights leaving the the studio exhausted at 1 am - Ladbroke Grove or St Johns wood, through the city and over the river to South East London in an almost dream state. Retracing that journey, this film became a way of touching the city and the feeling of being both a part of and apart from it.

It was important to me that the words of the song were not a coherent narrative, but passing thoughts along the way."