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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Matthew Zapruder - Poem for Merwin

for a long time you planted one every day
and now the garden is a clock on forest time


forest time where we were happy
for a few translucent hours moving
into the ghost houses
no longer there


and the shade houses
that are
their myth of air


and the places where people used to gather
by the stream that is now a dry bed
to eat and sing
we cannot almost hear them


then out along the narrow paths
over stones I kept forgetting
like years you had placed


and the dead clock face painters
covered in radium could not convey
their messages to us
here in the permanent shade


the palms with their very different leaves
and seed pods seem to say


you who think nothing can be repaired


you who will not ever
be able to describe our shapes
and say I love to no one


or today I was born


you burned astronomers
look at our wet leaves
maybe you were not even born
for knowing your own planets


you were not born for knowing
but saying


a piece of wood burned next to the little jade statue
means no matter how many times we leave
we will keep returning


it means no matter how many times we go
out where they sell executions


we will come back here
where the black gravestone
is a window in love with the beloved


on it is written here we were happy
which is true


reading it I would like to remember
what I am feeling now
that I would like not to be
the mechanism


a blade angled in reason


I too would like to lay down
in my own sort of field
green with potential love


today I know I was born
to try to remember
the name of the simplest leaf


from the tree of my childhood


I have always known that god all along
and that we were each born
the shadow of reality upon us


so be not easily angry
pick up the small rose book
with its disappearing house on the cover


enter its doorway
get lost for a while


forget we were born to carry our names


until it is our turn with nothing to say
except maybe we were born to love


and move further on



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