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Michael Andrews


A Man who Suddenly Fell Over (1952)


Portrait of Timothy Behrens (1962)


The Colony Room I, 1962 - Michael Andrews’s painting of one of 50s and 60s Soho’s most storied drinking dens, the Colony Room, is a who’s who of the art scene. That hot pink collar belongs to Francis Bacon. Artists’ model Henrietta Moraes is centre-stage. A chiselled Lucian Freud looks us straight in the eye. At the bar, Muriel Belcher, the club’s proprietor, strikes a pose.


Melanie and Me Swimming (1978–9)

Michael Andrews RA (30 October 1928 – 19 July 1995) was a British painter. Michael Andrews played a deaf-mute in Lorenza Mazzetti's Free Cinema film Together, alongside Eduardo Paolozzi (1955). Lorenza Mazzetti (26 July 1927 – 4 January 2020) was an Italian film director, novelist, photographer and painter. In the 2020 novel, Summer by writer Ali Smith, Mazzetti plays a cameo, but significant role. Her life story, as well as reference to her early films, are included.

January 19, 2017 - Narrated by exhibition curator and friend of the artist, Richard Calvocoressi, "Michael Andrews Elusive Painter" introduces the artist and his work, unknown to many, and reveals the curatorial vision behind "Earth Air Water," on view at Gagosian Grosvenor Hill, London through March 25, 2017. This documentary, accompanied by unseen archival material, as well as footage of the only existing filmed documentation of Andrews, is a biographical overview of the late British painter.



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