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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Natalie Scenters-Zapico - Notes on My Present: A Contrapuntal

              With statements by President Donald Trump


I write my body, as border between

We have some bad hombres here

this rock & the absence of water.

& we’re going to get them out.

I cut myself with a scimitar,

When Mexico sends its people,

as political documentation.

they’re not sending their best.

How do you write about the violence

They’re not sending you.

of every man you’ve ever loved?

They’re sending people

Macho, you

that have lots of problems

breathe bright in the neocolony,

& they’re bringing those problems to us

a problem of Empire pulling

They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing

the capitalist threads of my border.

crime. They’re rapists.

Empire: you were so sterile

Mexico’s court system [is]corrupt.

& shiny with your dead man’s coins

I want nothing to do with Mexico

& castration, your white roses

other than to build an impenetrable

& that trash bag full of a Mexican

WALL & stop them from ripping

woman’s dark hair. Empire: you

off U.S. I love the Mexican people,

made us hungry for the glint

but Mexico is not our friend.

of machismo, the dim glare

They’re killing us at the border

of marianismo. Tonight on TV,

& they’re killing us on jobs & trade.

muted montages of the largest

FIGHT! Happy #CincodeMayo!

ICE raid in Texas. I drink

The best taco bowls are made

pink champagne in a hotel bar,

in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!

& correct the pronunciation of   my name.