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SOPHIE - Ponyboy (Official Video)


Directed by SOPHIE
Co Directed by Nicholas Harwood

Production Co: Industry Plant
Executive Producers: Imogene Strauss, Nicholas Harwood
Producer: Imogene Strauss

DP: Luke Hanlein
1st AC: Michael McClure
Steadicam Operator: David Shawl

Lighting Designer: Sam Paine
Playback: Ben Long

Motion Graphics: Aaron Chan
Art Director: Eric Wrenn

Choreographers & Dancers: FlucT (Monica Mirabile, Sigrid Lauren)

Stylist: Louby Mcloughlin
Jacket Painter: Abigail McCreary

Make-up: Cristina Waltz
Make-up Ass't: Annie Tagge, Ching Tseng
Hair: Fitch Lunar

Editor: Nicholas Harwood
Colorist: Arianna Shining Star
Visual Effects: Griffin Frazen

PA: Jake Agger


Special thanks to Savannah Ioakimedes, Kristen McElwain

Filmed at OPEN BETA as part of Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles