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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Rowan Ricardo Phillips - Violins

He never saw a violin.

But he saw a lifetime of violence.


This is not to presume

That if he had simply seen


A violin he would have seen

Less violence. Or that living among


Violins, as though they were

Boulangeries or toppling stacks


Of other glazed goods like young adult

Fiction, would have made the violence


Less crack and more cocaine,

Less of course and more why god oh why.


More of one thing

Doesn’t rhyme with one thing.


A swill of stars doesn’t rhyme

With star. A posse of poets doesn’t rhyme


With poet. We are all in prison.

This is the brutal lesson of the 21st century,


Swilled like a sour stone

Through the vein of the beast


Who watches you while you eat;

Our eternal host, the chummed fiddler,


The better tomorrow,