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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Ryan James Caruthers

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From i-D Magazine:

Photographer Ryan James Caruthers loves a man in heels. In his minimalist images (you can usually count the colors on one hand), he captures the softness of queer masculinity. "My aesthetic is very much about subtlety," he says. "Even if the work isn't directly discussing queerness, these ideas always end up presenting themselves as hints." He began experimenting with analog photography at 14, taking self-portraits in the woods near his childhood home and posting the images on Flickr. "I admired the ability to interact with people who were similar to me even if it was purely on a visual level." One of his standout images is of a young, fresh-faced male model flexing his muscles like a WWE wrestler while wearing a crushed velvet dress. Masculinity and femininity is not an either/or decision, the photo appears to suggest; they exist within each other. And in a world where queer males are frequently forced to choose between top or bottom, femme or masc, that's a poignant statement.



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