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luís soares

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Sam Sax - On PrEP or on Prayer [“spare us your burial rites”]

spare us your burial rites


spare us the first rib

the flood, the resurrection


spare us your dairy & meats

your belief in a life after this one


heaven’s a city

we’ve been priced out of


our mothers fled

for more affordable children

for the price of liver


heaven wants nothing

to do with pleasure

on earth


on this

the occasion of my brother’s wedding

i need something awful

done to my body


heaven’s a boy

who wants me to crawl

through his mother’s midnight-window


heaven’s the condom splitting into light


heaven’s not a place

more a wound i make & pass through


when we’re done

he asks how many men


i’ve fucked this month

& not loved


spare me the quilt & blankets


spare me the look

in his eyes when he takes me

careful as a poison inside him


spare me the lecture

on the survival

of my body

& i will spare you

my body