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luís soares

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Sam Sax - On PrEP or on Prayer [“when i say pre-exposure prophylaxis”]

when i say pre-exposure prophylaxis


you think


easy fix. greek in origin. an act of guarding.

east of here a small temple.

inside parishioners strip nude

as armless statues, their stone

genitals hardening under a chemist’s glare.

the garden out front fecund & tended.

the garden inside bare.


when i say tenofovir disoproxil


you think


chemical names. saint names. names without origin.

an unpronounceable string of letters. the generic names

of petty angels. the drug’s molecular makeup applied in

& around the eyes & lips. the names of viruses & blind trials.

the kept-vial of love. the unknowable side effects of blood.


when i say oral emtricitabine


you think


once a day swallow a small sun

& all hymn in you comes undone


the way a lit match deads the smell

of a public bathroom


when i say nucleotide analog reverse transcriptase inhibitor


you think


thirsty epidemic

you push the blue pill through its foil


you know each new medicine trails

our dead behind it like wedding cans



you can hear them now can’t you?