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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Shivanee Ramlochan - the night I fucked the border patrol agent

the small bomb of his orgasm
I stole his mother’s crucifix,
darted through the back doors.

I never saw the dogs.
Quick like Krishna’s gopis they swarmed me.
Pink tongues of threat and purebred musk.
Rosaries of saliva.
Jaws open like warm ovens for bread and fish.

I tried their father’s language on them

stay calm hold still
hold still stay there
don’t run stay calm
don’t panic I said
stay still calm
I said stay

When the ridgeback bitch rushed me,
I sank the gold christ in her eye,
felt her piss soak my sandals.
She buckled into the death,
I whimpered
easy easy now
no one has to get hurt.