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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares


Standby from Charlotte Regan on Vimeo.

Gary and Jenny share the same cramped “office space” as all beat cops: the front seat of a patrol car. Their evolving relationship is an emotional rollercoaster ride that stands in often-comedic contrast to the procession of thugs and criminals filling the back seat.

Written & Directed by Charlotte Regan
Produced by Jack Hannon

Cast - Andrew Paul, Alexa Morden, Leon Cunningham, Margaret Towner, Richard Sherwood & John Layton
Director Of Photography - Bradley Stearn
1st AC - Ellis Doig
2nd AC - Lucas Campain
Spark - Sal Redpath
Electrician - Graeme Condon

Production Manager - Alice Groves
1st AD - Jared Peysner
Sound Recordist - Nick Grant
Sound Design - Michael Ling
Editor - Charlotte Regan
Colourist - John Layton
Credits - Asad Denova
Production Designer - Elena Muntoni
Hair & Make-Up - Rose Redrup
Music - Skepta 'Shutdown'

BAFTA Nominated
Winner of Sundance Ignite
Winner of BFI Future Film Festival Lab Award
Winner of BFI Future Film Festival New Talent Award
Winner of Lifetime Shorts competition

Official selection Toronto International Film Festival
Official selection London Short Film Festival
Official selection Whistler Film Festival
Official selection Foyle Film Festival
Official selection LOCO Film Festival