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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Silent Mode








From Adam Wilkoszarski's site:

To say that Asia is far away and different is to say the most shallow thing; but it doesn’t mean that it’s not true. In Silent Mode continent of billions is empty and uninhabited. The perspective is focused on the shape of the world itself, crafted by humans, on the mark left by Japanese, who orbit between almost non-existent private sphere and omnipresent public - all seen by an observer from the outside, who’s not claiming a right to understand all of this. What was supposed to happen here, happened long ago - or will not happen at all.

After Season







From Adam Wilkoszarski's site:

Leisure consists of both equally time and place, as well as some idea. Along with the late modernity space and time blurred, and the structure of organized labor forced to create an equally organized structure of free time and getaway.

After season focuses on the backstage of this structure, which produces places suspended in a time. The structured free time industry stops at the end of vacations, emptying. The people had their holidays and for a while all those resorts become unnecessary, frozen and ready to receive the thousands of organized tourists that will come again. This cycle repeats endlessly, and in each of these places you can feel the gentle but still palpable trace of memories of leisure – the idea lacking accurate coordinate and time frames.

(In progress)