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Music for a while

The Dutch classical radio show 'De Klassieken' was invited by countertenor Andreas Scholl and his fiancé pianist Tamar Halperin at their home in Germany. They performed 'Music for a while' by Henry Purcell.

Music for a While is a song for voice and basso continuo by the English Baroque composer Henry Purcell. It is the second of four movements from his incidental music (Z 583) to Oedipus, a version of Sophocles' play by John Dryden and Nathaniel Lee, published in 1679. The song was composed for a revival of the work in 1692.


Music for a while
Shall all your cares beguile.
Wond'ring how your pains were eas'd
And disdaining to be pleas'd
Till Alecto free the dead
From their eternal bands,
Till the snakes drop from her head,
And the whip from out her hands.