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Closing (from Glassworks)

Bang on a Can All-Stars: Ashley Bathgate, cello; Robert Black, bass; Vicky Chow, piano; David Cossin, percussion; Derek Johnson, guitar; Ken Thomson, single reeds. From 2017 People's Commissioning Fund Concert at Merkin Hall Jan 9. Video by Ross Karre Arts Documentation.

The Bang on a Can People’s Commissioning Fund (PCF) concert is one of the most anticipated and reliable launching pads for emerging composers in New York and beyond. Founded in 1997, long before crowd-funding became the norm through Kickstarter and the like, Bang on a Can’s PCF has pooled contributions of all sizes from hundreds of friends and fans and since its inception has commissioned over 40 works of music. Bang on a Can celebrates 30 Years in 2017.

Road Trip

Road Trip

Music by Michael Gordon, David Lang, Julia Wolfe
Directed by Michael Counts
Scenic and Projection Design by Deborah Johnson aka CandyStations
Lighting Design by Ben Stanton


performed by
Bang on a Can All-Stars
Ashley Bathgate - cello
Robert Black - bass
Vicky Chow - piano and keyboard
David Cossin - percussion
Mark Stewart - guitar
Ken Thomson - clarinet and bass clarinet
Andrew Cotton - sound engineer


Ashley Tata - associate director
John Erickson - video programmer
Matt McAdon - technical director, scenic


Road Trip was commissioned by BAM for the 2017 Next Wave Festival and by Stephen A. Block, Robert Braun & Joan Friedman, Leslie Lassiter, Raulee Marcus, New Music USA, Maria & Robert A. Skirnick, Jane and Richard Stewart, with additional support from Jerry Eberhardt and Phil Hettema.

In a Treeless Place, Only Snow

John Luther Adams: In a Treeless Place, Only Snow


Performed by faculty and fellows at the 2016 Bang on a Can Summer Marathon at the Summer Festival at MASS MoCA

Todd Reynolds, conductor
Ledah Finck, Lena Vidulich - violin
Nick Pauly - viola
James Burch - cello
Hope Wilk - harp
Sonya Belaya - celeste
Dylan Hunter Chee Greene - vibraphone
Eric Shuster - vibraphone

Video produced as part of live stream of Marathon by Little Dog Live
Jody Elff, director
Daniel Cashin, video director
Charlie Campbell, audio director
Joe Aidonidis and Ryan Walters, camera operators