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Hannigan does Mozart.

Barbara Hannigan performs three Mozart Arias with Gothenburg Symphony at a concert recorded 12 April 2013.
- Vado, Ma Dove?
- Un moto di gioia (from The Marriage of Figaro)
- Misera, Dove Son


Filmed by Måns Pär Fogelberg
This was recorded as a documentation filming only at first, but since we love it so much we decided to publish it as well. Therefore the filming standard is not as vivid as normal at

György Ligeti - Mysteries of the Macabre

György Ligeti - Mysteries of the Macabre

London Symphony Orchestra - Sir Simon Rattle

Barbara Hannigan - Soprano


Le grand macabre (1974–77, revised version 1996) is György Ligeti's only opera. The opera has two acts and its libretto – based on the 1934 play, La balade du grand macabre, by Michel De Ghelderode – was written by Ligeti in collaboration with Michael Meschke, director of the Stockholm puppet theatre. The original libretto was written in German, as Der grosse Makaber, but for the first production was translated into Swedish by Meschke under its current title (Griffiths and Searby 2003). The opera has been performed also in English, French, Italian, Hungarian and Danish. Only a few notes need be changed to perform the opera in any of these languages.

Three arias from the opera were prepared in 1992 for concert performances under the title Mysteries of the Macabre. Versions exist for soprano or for trumpet, accompanied by orchestra, reduced instrumental ensemble, or piano.