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luís soares

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Eclogue in Line to View 'The Clock' by Christian Marclay

Okay, but now imagine someone,

one of fifty, say, in the queue, fiftieth first

and advancing little, somewhere within

the seventy-two-hour window of efficacy

for post-exposure prophylaxis, and, later,

in the screening room watching The Clock

with the few dozen others in rows behind and ahead

who had waited too. He knows he has to

but he hasn’t yet. We pick it up there.

It is two thousand eleven a few more days.

The movie tells what time it is.

In poetry too we all face forward.

Charlie Rose, David Remnick, Bruce Springsteen and Christian Marclay

Neste programa, o Charlie Rose conversa sobre o Bruce Springsteen com o David Remnick, que escreveu este texto maravilhoso que me lembro de ler algures no tempo numa viagem de opinião. Como se não bastasse, nos útlimos catorze minutos, o convidado é Christian Marclay fala do seu 'The Clock', instalação inacreditavelmente boa que ainda se pode visitar no Museu Berardo do CCB até domingo.

São coisas de 2012 mas continuam a ser a não perder.