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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Someone Who Isn't Me – Gomenaki

A femme for femme love story that takes revenge on toxic masculinity and challenges the classic high school drama proposing an alternative narrative.


Jacques Simha [gomenaki]
Alexandra Alifanti [prom queen]
Manos Siniorakis [fuckboy]


Korina Gallika
Ntorina Mavrikou
Dimitris Mantzavinos
Konstantina Liosatou
George Kanis
Georgia Varveri
Giorgakis Renesis
Dimitra Tampasi
Theano Vassiliou
Iasonas Papamathaiou
Margarita Drilia
Anouk Berenguer
Vicky Chatzopoulou
Foteini Tryferopoulou

& Someone Who Isn't Me


Written, Directed & Edited by Alkis Papastathopoulos
Cinematographer: Christina Moumouri
Set designer: Maria Vetta
Costume Designer: Vassilia Rozana
Hair & Make Up by Vassiliki Kitta
Produced by Maria Hatzakou, Alkis Papastathopoulos
Executive Producer: Athina Rachel Tsangari
A Haos Film production
copyright © Alkis Papastathopoulos & Someone Who Isn't Me


Taken from the 7-inch single Gomenaki
Music by Marilena Orfanou
Lyrics by Gina Dim
Produced by Sillyboy
Mastered by Ekelon at the Cave
D-Version Music Publishing/copyright control
released by Amour Records


You can listen to our music on Soundcloud & Spotify:

Sun Moon London

Sun Moon London from Luke Miller on Vimeo.

For more images and video visit:

Filmed up to 2520mm from various locations around London featuring October 5th 2017 Harvest moon and January 1st 2018 Supermoon.

Music: Corona by Jeff Dale licensed from

Canon 5D Mark III running Magic Lantern using the 3x crop mode.
Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L + Canon 2x teleconverter
Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 + Sigma 1.4x teleconverter.

Fantasia dei Gatti

Augustin Hadelich, producer
Paul Glickman, director
Tam King, animator


Technical Director - Yu Ueda
Environment Colorist - Caitlin Cash
Sound Designer - Robert Cordova
Choreographer - Deandra McCord
Storyboarding Assistant - Matthew Daley


Nicolò Paganini: Caprice No. 17
(from the album "Augustin Hadelich | Paganini 24 Caprices")

Sound producer and engineer: Antonio Oliart

Four Shorts by Leo Adef

The Other Side from leo adef on Vimeo.

A young french boy takes a train to a new city to discover himself while he experiments for the first time a lot of new experiences about youth, sex, partying and friendship.

Short film directed by Leo Adef
Featuring Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello

Hercules Universal

Produced by Pandora -


Summer of love - i-D from leo adef on Vimeo.


Our own private scene (NOWNESS) from leo adef on Vimeo.

Filmmaker Leo Adef explores subculture and self-discovery in a coming-of-age portrait of three 17-years-olds in a small French town. Read more on NOWNESS -


VAMP - Tofel Santana from leo adef on Vimeo.

Directed by Leo Adef

DOP Angello Faccini
Stylist Eus Cantó
Head of production María Carboni
Assistant director Hector Prats
Art director Jorge Algaba
Hair and make up Regina Khanipova
Color grading Yulia Bulashenko


NIGHTSWIMMING from Giovanna Silva on Vimeo.


The project examines the history of Italian dance clubs, as asocial and anthropological phenomenon. Italy’s social, cultural and economic evolution over the last 50 years has gradually transformed the idea of fun, and with it also the spaces in which fun takes shape. Today a paradox is evident: the clubs are no longer necessarily a physical place, but are now formed of events and theme nights. The history of Italian clubs is told through interviews with architects, DJs, writers, and intellectuals, as well as period photos and a new photographic survey of what remains of today’s discotheques.

project by Giovanna Silva

music by Stra -
team Alto Fragile, Chiara Carpenter, Michele Marchetti
with the support of Fulvio Ferrari, Michele Lombardelli