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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Doug Paul Case - Divers

Have you ever swallowed moonshine

Have you written out your desires

A man so handsome you don’t care what’s under his jeans

To be birdboned in a windstorm

Sometimes this is enough to exhaust yourself

Or thinking about the lake when you haven’t been in years

Granddad told me once it was God’s sycamore there on the shore

Always thought it belonged to the boys jumping from it

Nothing on but their jocks and their hoots in the sky

I swear you could see the sun cutting through them

How long have we ached for this

A belly fire and every light on your face

Knock me over Lord there’s no way to be readier

Doug Paul Case - Blue Curtains

Okay you caught me I like when boys smell like cigarettes

Tell me the story of your favorite city after midnight

There can be rain in the story if you want

Light orchestral accompaniment if you want

I mean I know you don’t but who’s talking

Where would you live if money wasn’t money

Would you rather buy wine or lotto tickets

How would you hurt if you decided to hurt

Would you wrap me in blue curtains and pin me against the window

There is a shadow for every drop of light

There is pressure against all the skin in the world

One day we’ll know if it exists anywhere else

One day we won’t direct our emotions at circumstance

Displacement is displacement is displacement

Did you think I’d say something different

Did you think there was time to talk about it

In the morning I’ll make tea in your yellow kettle

I’ll need you to decide

Doug Paul Case - Like The Weight Was Part Of Me

Can I be afraid I was a twin and didn’t know

Its rationality is my concern rather than believability

Even with a mirror there’s no way to see your face

How everything glimmers under enough fireflies

Two men in a clearing is a city

Just weeks ago there were wildflowers forever

The breeze-blown magnolia is my favorite phase of matter

Water on the verge of boiling a close second

What a night for spiked hot chocolate

What a night for the weight of experience

What a night for Baltic salt and rare metals

Our table can only hold so many candles

Vanilla and similar slow notes

Our table can only hold so much witchcraft

Learn to understand this material semiotic dance

Learn to listen only to the train’s rumbling when it goes

Why would we know what’s going on

Every surrounding is dark or a cricket

I want to put you in charge of keeping me warm