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The Man I Love

Official music video for "The Man I Love" covered by Kate Bush. Written by George and Ira Gershwin. "The Man I Love" was recorded as part of an album by Larry Adler called "The Glory of Gershwin". The song was released as a single on 18th July 1994, and the video was directed by Kevin Godley.

Ambroisine Bré

La mezzo-soprano Ambroisine Bré est nommée dans la catégorie "Révélations, Artiste lyrique" des Victoires de la Musique Classique 2019. Elle interprète "L'Amour est un Oiseau rebelle", Habanera de Carmen, opéra composé par Bizet.


Ici elle interprète le premier des Six Lieder op.13 "Ich stand in dunklen Traümen" de Clara Schumann.


Summertime de George Gershwin accompagnée par les membres de l'Ensemble Contraste. Extrait du concert Générations France Musique, le live, enregistré le 13 octobre 2018

Gershwin plays 'I Got Rhythm'

Restored film version of Gershwin performing I Got Rhythm at the opening of the Manhattan Theatre in New York in August 1931 (movie courtesy Edward Jablonski).

In all previously available versions of this rare Gershwin film, the sound pitch changes when the camera angle changes half way through the clip as the two cameras were not running at the same speed. When the two films came to be edited together, the editor inserted a repeat of the last line of the song to help disguise the sudden change of pitch as the 2nd camera angle takes over .

In this version the speed and pitch of both cameras has been corrected and the edited in repeat of the first chorus's last line has been deleted. The version presented here is exactly as Gershwin performed the song at the opening of the Manhattan Theater in New York in 1931.