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Everything Is Never Enough

For their seventh album, The Silver Eye, uncompromising duo Goldfrapp toy with the premise of identity from a spontaneous explosion of mortal considerations. Working alongside a collection of collaborators including St. Vincent producer John Congleton and composer Bobby Krlic, the brooding electronic sounds leave ample room for one’s own contemplations.

Alison Goldfrapp takes the helm behind the lens, capturing the otherworldly landscape of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, “where punishing winds form the land, grow and disappear”, she writes. “Volcanic and desert landscapes are the undefinable. They are life and death. Primal and mystical. They are the portal to the soul.”


Anymore is taken from Goldfrapp's brand new seventh studio album 'Silver Eye', released 31st March 2017 on Mute.

Producer: Mary Calderwell at Lez Productions
Local Producer: Maria Sanz Esteve
DOP: Stuart Bentley
Post: Markus Lundqvist at Youngster London
Colour: Jax Harney at Cheat
Edit: Sam Neil at Sassy
Styling: Aldene Johnson