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Aria mit 30 Veränderungen

The legend surrounding the 'Goldberg Variations', performed here by Jean Rondeau for All of Bach, is such a nice one. Count Hermann Karl von Keyserlinck was having trouble sleeping and asked Bach for some pleasant music to pass the time, to be played by Keyserlinck’s harpsichord prodigy Johann Gottlieb Goldberg.

Recorded for the project All of Bach on June 6th 2017 at the Concertgebouw, Bruges. If you want to help us complete All of Bach, please subscribe to our channel or consider donating

Rondeau & Scarlatti

Jean Rondeau, the French harpsichordist, performs Domenico Scarlatti’s mercurial Sonata K. 175 A Minor: Allegro, offering a first taste of his new album, released on 19th October. It is devoted to 20 of Scarlatti’s endlessly inventive sonatas – he wrote some 550 of these compact, colourful and captivating works.


“When it comes to music, dishonesty simply has no place – there can be no falsity,” says Jean Rondeau. “Harpsichord repertoire is about unlocking a past language and figuring out how things were done back then – not so much about finding something new.”


J.S. Bach - Harpsichord Concerto No.1 in D Minor / BWV 1052


Jean Rondeau, the imaginative young French harpsichordist, describes the Bach family as “one of the great dynasties of western music”. Having devoted his first Erato disc, Imagine, to works by the towering Johann Sebastian, he now returns to Bach’s world for his third release, Dynastie, which complements concertos by Johann Sebastian with concertos by his three most famous sons, Wilhelm Friedemann, Carl Philipp Emmanuel and Johann Christian.


Rondeau joue Scarlatti

Sonate K.141 en ré mineur de Domenico Scarlatti (1685 - 1757) interprétée au clavecin par Jean Rondeau.
Enregistrée en décembre 2012 sur un clavecin d'Anthony Sidey.
Son : Camille Frachet et Fabrice Chantôme.
Vidéo : Katie Baillot, Julia D'Artemare, Erwan Ricordeau et Victor Zébo.
Remerciements : Tapages pour les micros Neumann numériques et Pascal Geneix, Antelope audio France pour les horloges numériques Trinity et 10M