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Young Love







From the British Journal of Photography:

Love is one of life’s mysteries. It is something that most can relate to and yet there is no one emotion that defines it. Love can bring elation, but it can also bring despair. For portrait photographer Laura Pannack, it is the mysterious and multifarious nature of love that draws her to the topic.

In 2012, Pannack began collating a series of portraits of teenage couples. Young Love was born out of Pannack’s wider exploration into the misrepresentation of youth and investigates  how a “relationship free of worry, responsibility, experience and future plans can ultimately lead to one of fun and intimacy.” 

Lords of Dogtown

From i-D:

Photographer Hugh Holland was in the right place at the right time, he says. LA, 1975, specifically. "Skateboarding was happening in many places, but not like in California," he says over the phone from LA, where he still lives at 74. "To me, it seemed like this was the center of everything." Hugh's photos of long-haired, golden-skinned kids gunning down Hollywood's hills and tearing up its boulevards document the very origins of skate culture.

Over the course of three years, Holland took thousands of photos of the scene as it changed from an unruly after-school activity to a professional sport, complete with competitions, endorsement deals, and helmets. Glowing with late-afternoon California light, the images sat unsorted in boxes at his house for decades. But earlier this month, they went on show at Blender Gallery in Sydney (Hugh: "So many of these Australian surfers looked just like the kids in my pictures!"). And Hugh is still sifting through his crates.

Hugh Holland (1).jpg

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Stefanie Moshammer - Young Gods

Young Gods (1).jpg

Young Gods (2).jpg

Young Gods (3).jpg

Young Gods (4).jpg

Young Gods (5).jpg

Young Gods (6).jpg

Young Gods (7).jpg

Young Gods (8).jpg

Young Gods (9).jpg

Young Gods (10).jpg

Restless, to drift and stroll,
searching to find his fill,
of varied space and novel thrill,
for tricky risks and wavering scenes,
lusty joy and raising misery.


Between a blossom of vanity, a rave of tranquilty.
Flying ahead, drifted through the air,
without purpose and scare,
an insuppressible flurry of vital signs.

– Stefanie Moshammer

Young Gods from Stefanie Moshammer on Vimeo.

"The series shows eight boys in Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark. When I photographed them, the youngest one was 17, the oldest was 23. I met them at night. One of them was sitting next to me, inhaling helium balloons. He looked so peaceful, even though his mind seemed to be on fire. His name is Mathias, he was 19 at that time. Basically, he is enjoying life to the maximum right now. Enjoying, because he has no serious responsibilities, no so-called obligations. And that's where freedom and excess starts."


The Kid.







Half-Dutch, half-Brazilian, THE KID (1991) is a self-educated contemporary artist who questions restlessly since his early teenage years the notion of social determinism and the thin frontier between innocence and corruption.

When asked why he chose to put his personal aesthetic and his various technics at the service of these social issues, THE KID likes to quote Oscar Wilde in "The Picture of Dorian Gray":

"Behind every exquisite thing, there is something tragic." 


That's the thing, that all his subjects have in common - behind their youth and beauty lies a tragic story - like a flower that is destined to fade. His goal is to "capture them in their defining moments, forever caught between innocence and corruption".

THE KID is a committed supporter of the International Non Governmental Organization Human Rights Watch, which defends Human Rights worldwide, in particular for its fight against unfair social discrimination and inhumane juvenile justice.

Street Kids In Love

Known for her striking documentation of American youth culture and for her revealing celebrity portraits – she’s had everyone from Texan teenage wolf packs to Rick Owens in front of her lens – bicoastal photographer and filmmaker Danielle Levitt reveals an innate sense of storytelling with this candid short that follows a young couple living on the streets of Venice, California. Levitt shot skateboarder Josiah and his girlfriend, Taylor, back in 2012, eager to give the compelling young subjects an opportunity to voice the reasons for their life choices, as well as sharing the joys and pressures they experience.

Matt Lambert busca el amor en la juventud mexicana.

Matt Lambert's work is celebrated for the way it challenges convention, for his raw portraits of sexual life, and for setting off on an exhaustive search across the globe to document the intimacy, sex and purity of modern love.So far he's toured Berlin (where he's based), NYC, London and LA and now he's exploring the chaos of Mexico City. i-D Mexico caught up with the filmmaker and photographer as he started his search.