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Words I Heard

Julia Holter - "Words I Heard" from 'Aviary'


"Tall trees of so many kinds, from redwoods to manzanitas, oaks, madrones, maples and elms, plants and bushes, flowers and seeds, acorns and grass, they all are the last chance of the earth and they all make a thick and permanent coat, a cover, a bath of perfume, a touch of healing, a royal procession, music and fanfare, they rise and talk to Tamalpais, and sing lullabies and songs of love." – Etel Adnan, ‘Journey to Mount Tamalpais’

“When Julia told me that the title of her album was inspired by Etel Adnan, one of my favorite writers, I felt that I had to make a film for one of the songs on Mount Tamalpais, a recurring subject in both Adnan's visual art and her writing. I filmed on a few hikes down the Dipsea trail, and in the last section of the song combine this with footage made during the studio sessions of the album.” – Dicky Bahto


Directed by Dicky Bahto

Devin Hoff - Double bass
Julia Holter - Vocals, piano, synth
Dina Maccabee - Violin, viola
Andrew Tholl - Violin