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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Alone, Omen 3

Director - Jocelyn Anquetil
Executive Producer - Dougal Meese
Producer - Adam Farley
Production Assistant - Nadine Leswi

1st Assistant Director - Wayne A.W. Bentley
2nd AD - Thomas Bentley
Runner - Alice Carlet
Runner - Tom Box

Location Manager - Hugo ‘Location Unknown’

DOP - Joel Honeywell
1st AC - Becky Bruce Lee
2nd AC - Kairo Jones
DIT - Robyn Goncalves-Borrageiro

Gaffer - Ben Millar
Spark - Bruce Melhuish

Art Director - Mikey Hollywood

Stylist - Nil Tomakan
Hair & Makeup - Maya Man

Blue Train Lines

'Blue Train Lines' (ft. King Krule), taken from Mount Kimbie’s new album 'Love What Survives', out 8th September via Warp Records.

“It's been a fascinating process that has changed us as a band and we're feeling great about how it's come together. Can't wait to share our third album with you.” - Dom & Kai