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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Salome Dances for Peace

Participating string quartets, Ligeti, Argus, Friction Quartets and Kronos Quartet, perform movements of Terry Riley’s “Salome Dances for Peace” in Zankel Hall as part of the culminating performance of the Kronos Quartet Workshop presented by the Weill Music Institute of Carnegie Hall.

Kronos Quartet led a weeklong workshop open to student and young professional string quartets to explore new works commissioned as part of Fifty for the Future: The Kronos Learning Repertoire. Fifty for the Future is a major commissioning initiative of Kronos Quartet, Carnegie Hall, and many other diverse partners and is devoted to the most contemporary approaches to the string quartet. The project is designed to present music as a living art form and to create a new trove of resources for the training of students and emerging professionals.

Visit for more workshop videos.

Eh Ya Ye

The first single taken from the debut album 'Ladilikan' by Trio Da Kali & Kronos Quartet. 

‘Eh Ya Ye’ like much of Trio Da Kali’s repertoire is a song of advice. It concerns a marabout (a West African term for a Muslim cleric, diviner and healer) who falsely claims the power to conjur up jinns (spirits). Ultimately it is a parable about the importance of being honest and recognising one’s own limitations. It is a fast, driving piece where Kronos conjure up the jinns underpinned by Mamadou’s Cuban tumbao styled bass.

Creative Direction: Iliès Terki
courtesy of: Amadou Kandé
Cameraman: Issa Kande

Dancers: Amadou Kande, Cheikh Omar Preira, Souleymane Diallo, Mamadou Drame 
Figurants: Niambo Faye, Marcel Dacosta, lamine Cisse, Pathé
Video shot in: Casamance, Senegal