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luís soares

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Fogo no Navio

Composta e produzida por RIVAthewizard // Misturada e masterizada por Steve

A Propósito de Estrelas

Em isolamento social, Arthur Nogueira canta "A Propósito de Estrelas", música composta a partir do poema de Adília Lopes.

Não sei se me interessei pelo rapaz
por ele se interessar por estrelas
se me interessei por estrelas por me interessar
pelo rapaz hoje quando penso no rapaz
penso em estrelas e quando penso em estrelas
penso no rapaz como me parece
que me vou ocupar com as estrelas
até ao fim dos meus dias parece-me que
não vou deixar de me interessar pelo rapaz
até ao fim dos meus dias
nunca saberei se me interesso por estrelas
se me interesso por um rapaz que se interessa
por estrelas já não me lembro
se vi primeiro as estrelas
se vi primeiro o rapaz
se quando vi o rapaz vi as estrelas

Adília Lopes
Quem Quer Casar Com a Poetisa?
Quasi Edições, 2001

Don't Call Again

Tkay Maidza - Don't Call Again ft. Kari Faux

Director: Tkay Maidza and Jordan Kirk (@xingerxanger)
Producers: Jordan Kirk and Yiani Andrikidis (@_yiani)
Animator: Chris Yee, Patrick Santamaria, Eva Li, Steffie Yee & Billy Ryan (@babekuhl)
Post Producer: Olivia Reddy at The Editors (@the_editors65)
Editor: Lily Davis
Second Editor: Rikkili Clark
Colourist & Online Op: Dan Molony
Styling: Kurt Johnson (@kurt__johnson)

Gogol Bordello: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

We've been filming Tiny Desk concerts for more than 10 years. While revisiting our archives, we discovered that some of our earliest concerts never made it to YouTube!

Stephen Thompson | June 28, 2010

If you watch this video and don't get to the part where Eugene Hutz is dancing on the desks, then you've missed the most rollicking and insane Tiny Desk Concert of all time.

I've seen Gogol Bordello at a nightclub, and its live show is a gypsy punk circus, complete with a high-wire act. So when the band arrived at the modest NPR Music offices, I wanted to make sure we were covered technically; I figured they'd move around and wind up singing far away from our microphones. I asked Sergey Ryabtsev — Gogol Bordello's Russian-born violinist — if he thought bandleader Eugene Hutz might wind up dancing on my desk. With a huge smile and a large shot glass of vodka in hand, he said, "Don't worry about it!"

By the third song, Hutz was sitting with the NPR crew in an office chair, singing his ode to alcohol. By the fourth, he was jumping from desktop to desktop, singing and dancing.

Gogol Bordello is based in New York City, and has been performing its theatrical concoction of accordion, violin and guitar since the late '90s. The band writes songs about immigration and the celebration of cultural differences. Now, for 2010, Gogol Bordello has its fifth album out — its first on a major label. Producer Rick Rubin, known for his Johnny Cash production and for co-founding Def Jam Records, helped make Trans-Continental Hustle. It's an album with more range than sheer thrust, and though the band played a few songs from that album at the desk, when Gogol Bordello is in front of a crowd, it's in full-throttle mode. No complaints there.

Set List:

"Immigraniada (We're Comin' Rougher)"
"My Compenjara"
"Pala Tute"
"Start Wearing Purple"


Taken from the Eutopia EP
Featuring Young Fathers, Algiers and Saul Williams
Written and produced by Robert Del Naja and Euan Dickinson.
Additional production by Joe Goddard

Film Written and produced by Robert Del Naja and Mark Donne
Generative visuals by Mario Klingemann
Editing and title animations by Anthony Tombling JR
Constructed at Unit 3 Films