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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Metronomy - Salted Caramel Ice Cream (Official Music Video)


Director Joseph Mount

Exec producer Mayling Wong

Producer Molly McGregor

1st AD Tom Wynborne

2nd AD Jack Green

DoP Nic Booth

Art Director Benny Casey

Stylist Marion Casson

HMUA Charli Avery

HMU Assist Tabitha Thomas

Editor Thomas Bidgen at Final Cut

Colourist Jonny Thorpe @ Glassworks

Titles Matthias Peters

Label Because Music

Thanks to: Luminor Sign Co


Cast:Rodney Natalie Cash / Cild customer Aaylia Rose / Estate agent Samuel Coghlan White / Customer Stephanie Billers / Customer James Truscott

Kantori Ongaku

Devendra Banhart's "Kantori Ongaku," from his new album, Ma, due September 13 on Nonesuch Records.


Director: Juliana and Nicky Giraffe

Director of Photography: Tyler Weinberger

Editor: Juliana and Nicky Giraffe

Production Company: Giraffe Studios Imagination Emporium

fake dói

Linn da Quebrada & Lao - fake dói

Gravada nos estúdios NAAFI, Cidade do México

Vocais e composição: Linn da Quebrada

Produção/Beat: Lao

Mix e Master: Boss in Drama

Record Label: NAAFI 


Direção e Pós produção vídeo: Pepapuke

Capa single versão digital: Pepapuke em Intervenção 3D + Ray Castelo

Apoio: Produtora Planalto

Produção Executiva: Sentidos Produções

Western Stars

Bruce Springsteen - Western Stars


Director: Thom Zimny

Producer: Thom Zimny, Paul McGuire

AP: Adrienne Gerard

DP: Joe Desalvo

Art Director: Kris Moran

Editor: Thom Zimny

Conform and Color: Brian Miele

Desert Footage: Danny Clinch and Josh Goleman


I wake up in the morning, just glad my boots are on

Instead of empty in the whispering grasses,

Down the Five at Forest Lawn

On the set, the makeup girl brings me two raw eggs and a shot of gin

When I give it all up for that little blue pill

That promises to bring it all back to you again


Ride me down easy, ride me down easy friend

Tonight the western stars are shining bright again


Here in the canyons above Sunset, the desert don’t give up the fight

A coyote with someone’s Chihuahua in its teeth skitters ‘cross my veranda in the


Some lost sheep from Oklahoma sips her Mojito down at the Whiskey Bar

Smiles and says she thinks she remembers me from that commercial with the

credit card


Hell these days there ain’t no more, now there’s just again

Tonight the western stars are shining bright again


Sundays I take my El Camino, throw my saddle in and go

East to the desert where the charros, they still ride and rope

Our American brothers cross the wire and bring the old ways with them

Tonight the western stars are shining bright again


Once I was shot by John Wayne, yea, it was towards the end

That one scene's bought me a thousand drinks, set me up and I’ll tell it for you



Here’s to the cowboys, and the riders in the whirlwind

Tonight the western stars are shining bright again

And the western stars are shining bright again


Tonight the riders on Sunset are smothered in the Santa Ana winds

The western stars are shining bright again

C’mon and ride me down easy, ride me down easy friend

‘Cause tonight the western stars are shining bright again


I woke up this morning just glad my boots were on

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

Bob Dylan "Hard Rain" LIVE performance [Full Song] 1975


ROLLING THUNDER REVUE: A BOB DYLAN STORY BY MARTIN SCORSESE captures the troubled spirit of America in 1975, and the joyous music that Bob Dylan performed that fall. This performance of Hard Rain is look at a piece of essential American folklore, never before seen and beautifully restored. Master filmmaker Martin Scorsese creates a one-of-a-kind movie experience: part documentary, part concert film, part fever dream. Featuring Joan Baez, Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, Sam Shepard, Allen Ginsberg, and Bob Dylan giving his first on-camera interview in over a decade. The film goes beyond mere reclamation of Dylan’s extraordinary music—it’s a roadmap into the wild country of artistic self-reinvention.