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luís soares

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Martin Figura - Talking

I just talk too much I talk too much
never shut up if you cut me in half
with a spade I'd continue to talk
for up to nearly an hour from both ends
I'm more send than receive
have never had an unexpressed thought
in my life the path behind me is littered
with the hind legs of donkeys
and those times when you should just
shut up
that's when I talk even more
let it tumble out no matter how incriminating
there would be no need to tie me to a chair
and slap a rubber hose into the palm of your hand
for I will sing like a canary at the politest enquiry
tell you more about myself than you ever wanted to know
give up my own children just for a chat
in fact I can guarantee that the most hardened torturer
will soon be sewing up my mouth
to stop me telling him what I know
but I shall only rip my mouth open
spit out my broken teeth and carry on talking
through my tattered bleeding lips
and what I don't know I don't let worry me
for I never let lack of knowledge get in the way
of giving an opinion why should I
I've a habit of repeating myself
I've a habit of repeating myself
that was pretty obvious right,
but you try talking non-stop
and not saying something pretty obvious
along the way and if you're one of those
quiet people that just looks then you're just
asking for it without actually asking
if you see what I mean
but you can't just stand and look at each other right
and if you're not going to say something
then I have to simple as that simple as that
so it's your own fault don't glaze over
when I'm talking to you if you want this poem to stop
sometime in the next hour then for God's sake
do something useful, go and fetch a spade.