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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares


"brown skin masculine frame head's a target / acting real feminine make 'em vomit / this nigga can't take it"

'Hunted', taken from the debut album, 'Power', by Lotic

Out July 13th.


Director: Matt Lambert
Produced by: Prettybird
Producer: Hannah Bellil
Production Assistant: Moritz Tibes
Cinematographer: John Perez
Stylist: Ameena Kara Callender
Stylist Assistant: Felix Choong
Make-up: Pablo Rodriguez
Hair: James Oxley
Movement Direction: MJ Harper
Production Design: Marie Patzer
Editor: Judy Landkammer
Colorist: Greg Reese @ The Mill LA
Actor: Felix Mayr


Headpiece by House of Malakai
Dress by Simone Rocha
Jewelry by Slim Barrett
Cuffs by EKIRA
Corset by House of Harlot

Matt Lambert busca el amor en la juventud mexicana.

Matt Lambert's work is celebrated for the way it challenges convention, for his raw portraits of sexual life, and for setting off on an exhaustive search across the globe to document the intimacy, sex and purity of modern love.So far he's toured Berlin (where he's based), NYC, London and LA and now he's exploring the chaos of Mexico City. i-D Mexico caught up with the filmmaker and photographer as he started his search.