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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Good Times

All Music, Words & Production by Rui Maia
Vocals & Mixing by Jonny Abbey
Mastered by Rafael Silva


Release and Directed by Vasco Mendes
Casting by Young Iman and Xumorrow Xu
Production by Heloisa Barreira and Vasco Mendes
Production assistance by Amadeu Silva & Gracja Zegarowicz


Thank You:
Amadeu Silva, Becas Xavier, Carlos Casaleiro, Cet Objet du Désir, Estúdio Bruno Nacarato, Gracja Zegarowicz, Heloisa Barreira, Luís Salgado, Luna, Maria Ferreira, Maus Hábitos, Passos Manuel

Crime scene

Taken from the upcoming album "Bring The Light" (Out 31/03)
Written by Rui Maia & Jonny Abbey
All Instruments, played & recorded by Rui Maia
Vocals by Jonny Abbey
Produced by Rui Maia
Mixed by Jonny Abbey
Mastered by Rafael Silver

Released & Directed by Vasco Mendes
Produced by Heloisa Barreira & Vasco Mendes
Cast by Diana de Sousa & Lucas Menezes

Thank You: Ana Cláudia Silva, Andrea Uriarte, Beatriz Mendes, Bruno Silva, Cet Objet du Désir, Elena Amoros, Gracja Zegarowicz, João de Sousa, Ivo Pereira, Máquinas de Outros Tempos, Mon Pére, Pedro Viterbo, Rui Mendes, Simão Bolívar, Tiago Alves, Zulmira Pereira

Mirror People - I Need Your Love

Vocals by Maria do Rosário
Drums by Serge Terentev
Extra Guitar by Martin Koszolko
Everything Else by Rui Maia

This video is a remix version of the original work "Stars - Theory of Relativity"
Directed by Geoff Taylor & Katelin Arizmendi
Cinematography by Katelin Arizmendi ( & Geoff Taylor
(Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Licence)