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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares


Lisbon-based musician Moullinex, artist Bráulio Amado and director Bruno Ferreira set out to make a film within the restrictions we’re living in as a framework for self expression. Using only binoculars and an iPhone, the film was entirely shot from inside a car and captures performances from people living in social isolation, inside their windows, balconies or roofs. The soundtrack was then scored to this film by Moullinex in his home studio, with vocals added by GPU Panic.

The film was shot in Lisbon during the first week of April, and after several media outlets describing the country’s fast response to the pandemic as the Portuguese Miracle, it now stands as a message of resilience and hope.

Work it Out

Moullinex - Work it Out (ft. Fritz Helder)


Directed by João Pedro Vale & Nuno Alexandre Ferreira
Performance by Aurora Pinho
Production Design by João Pedro Vale & Nuno Alexandre Ferreira
Edited by Francisco Costa
Production by Moullinex and GOD
Post Production by Rui Clara Gomes
Make Up by Jorge Bragada
Thank you: Teresa, Daniel, Bruno, Lydie, Joana, Tiago, Kiki, Kikas / Teatro Praga

Filmed with a smartphone.


Once we fully accept who we are, how much does external acceptance still matter?
João Pedro Vale and Nuno Alexandre Ferreira believe in pushing the limits to find out. In order to work one’s s**t out, one must be defied to move past acceptance, onto understanding.
To do so they invited Aurora Pinho, a transgender performer from Portugal, to take matters into her own hands and wander and gentrified streets of downtown Lisbon with a mission. A quite ballsy one.

Following the footsteps of the video for “Love Love Love”, Moullinex continues to explore the space between music video and social experiment. During our daily lives we are able to move within safe pockets of inclusion, such as a nightclub or a carefully curated social network, and feel relatively safe and accepted in our echo chambers of like-minded people. But how much can we expand this bubble until we run into a radically different view from ours?
The crew had their share of bigotry, homophobia and passive-aggressive remarks during the guerilla-like shooting of the video. As the song says, “these streets ain’t kind to no one”.

Love Love Love

If dancing happens within several social constraints, are we able to make it more instinctive and true to one's feelings by forcing it?
Can we defy a certain self awareness factor by doing so?
More than thirty people responded to a casting call for a music video, but were not told the recording of this process would actually be in the video itself.
When asked questions about gender, religion, their feelings, and dance, they answered by dancing.
Unlike Rineke Dijkstra’s “Buzz Club” (1996) where dancers were “removed” from their context we decided to immerse them in a very sterile, artificial and even awkward setting in order to capture occasional and involuntary spontaneity.


== Credits ==
Director - Bruno Ferreira
Camera - Bruno Ferreira, Nuno Xico
Creative Supervisor - Sebastião Albuquerque
Production Design - Alis Atwell
Catering & Baby Ducks - Bráulio Amado
Coreographer - Amy Gardner
Editor - Nuno Xico, Sérgio Pedro
Post production - Bruno Moreira
Post Production studio - Mola / Show Off Films
Acknowledgments: Joel Vacheron, Joana Clara Gomes


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Throes + The Shine - Guerreros (feat. La Yegros)

Wanga will come out on the 20th of May through Discotexas (Universal/!K7). It's the third record by Throes + The Shine and it was produced by Moullinex in Lisbon, Portugal, the place where world music meets electronica right now. Guerreros is the second single anticipating it, a summery jam enriched by La Yegros, an Argentinian singer with an infectious and joyful voice that takes this tune into another dimension.

Shot & Directed - Tiago Ribeiro
Editing - Gonçalo Verdasca
Graphics - Gonçalo Ribeiro
Production -
Styling - Barbie Doll Marketers

Music: Throes + The Shine
Lyrics: Throes + The Shine & La Yegros

Star Wars by Moullinex

On December 18th 2015, right on The Force Awakens premiere, Moullinex played an one-off Star Wars by Moullinex show. Taking Meco's classic 1977 "Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk" as a basis for the his arrangement, Luis set up a stormtrooper division and played this medley based on John Williams' music at Lux Fragil in Lisbon, Portugal.

Best Youth & Moullinex - In the Shade


"In the Shade" is a collaboration between Best Youth (Ed Rocha Gonçalves/Catarina Salinas) and Moullinex (Luís Clara Gomes) that will be released in the Album "T(h)ree vol 3" - From Portugal to Japan and South Korea".



Song:Ed Rocha Gonçalves and Luís Clara Gomes
Lyrics: Catarina Salinas, Ed Rocha Gonçalves and Luís Clara Gomes


Shot by Bold Creative Studio
Director: Tiago Ribeiro
Photography: Duarte Domingos and Sérgio Santos
Graphic Design: Gonçalo Ribeiro
Styling & props: Barbie Doll Marketers
Make up: Elodie Fiuza


Dancers: Andreia Guerreiro, Beatriz Ramos, Daniela Pestana, Lita Marcelino


Thanks to: Next Models, Joana Clara Gomes, Daniel Azevedo, Ricardo Crespo, Maria João Simões, André Hell Yeah, Texas, David Bowie