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Madama Butterfly

‘One fine day, we’ll meet again‘, sings Cio-Cio-San, longing for the return of her husband. US marine officer Pinkerton chose her, a young Japanese girl, to become his wife when he arrived in Nagasaki. For him, she renounced her family and her religion, and she gave birth to his son. But once Pinkerton’s ship returns to the port of Nagasaki, Cio-Cio-San’s hopes of a happy future together are shattered…

MADAMA BUTTERFLY is one of the most performed operas in the world. Puccini drew inspiration from traditional Japanese music for his adaptation of the short novella by John Luther Long and composed one of his most refined opera scores. His heroine Cio-Cio-San is a woman torn between two civilisations; caught between Eastern and Western culture, between tradition and modernisation.

Director Mario Gas sets his new interpretation of the opera on the stage of Madrid’s Teatro Real in a 1930’s film studio where they are working on a film adaptation of Puccini’s opera. Gas opens the opera’s plot up by adding a film crew, offering two interpretations simultaneously: the acting in front of the camera and the actual film. 

Soprano Ermonela Jaho is no stranger to the audience at the Teatro Real and of THE OPERA PLATFORM. In 2015, she dazzled as Violetta Valéry in LA TRAVIATA and in 2016 in the role of Desdemona in OTELLO. Now, she returns to Madrid as Cio-Cio-San. Alongside Jaho, Jorge de León takes the role of Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton. Marco Armiliato, a most experienced conductors of the Italian repertoire, will lead the orchestra of the Teatro Real through one of the most unforgettable scores ever written for the opera stage. 


The Enso String Quartet performing Puccini's elegy for string quartet, Crisantemi ("Chrysanthemums"), that Puccini wrote in 1890 in a single night as a response to the death of the Duke of Savoy.

Maureen Nelson, violin
John Marcus, violin
Melissa Reardon, viola
Richard Belcher, cello

Filmed at the Teatro in the Italian Academy for Advance Studies at Columbia University.

DP: Richie Hawley/Little Frenchie Film House