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Something More

Róisín Murphy - Something More Live Performance (Ibiza Lockdown), taken from the forthcoming album 'Róisín Machine' out October 2nd.

Director:- Roisin Murphy
Producer:- Phil Tidy c/o Squire
PM Ibiza:- Paul Partridge c/o Loft Studios
DoP:- Bastien Francois
Sound:- Cristina Otero
Editor:- Ben Unwin
Grade:- Jay Creagh
Sound Mix:- Sebi Spanks

Something More:
Written by Amy Douglas/Róisín Murphy/Richard Barratt)
Róisín Murphy (Vocals) Richard Barratt (Producer, Instruments),
David Lewin (Recording Engineer, Instruments, Mix engineer)
Rhianna Kenny (Backing Vocals), Randy Merrill (Mastering Engineer)

Sing It Back

Pioneering, genre-bending German producer DJ Koze debuted his game-changing mix of house, soul, hip hop and R&B at the Sydney Opera House in December 2019, with an epic night of euphoric sounds and exceptional visuals. In this performance, Koze's "Knock Knock" album collaborator, Róisín Murphy makes a surprise guest appearance to perform a unique version of her Moloko anthem, "Sing It Back".


Artist: Róisín Murphy
Track: Narcissus
Production Company: Squire
Director: Róisín Murphy
Producer: P Tidyness
1st Ad: M Lawson
DOP: Farmer D'
Focus Puller: Bhen Worthington
Gaffer: Chris Dowling  
Art Director: P Tiddy
Wardrobe Designer: Polly Banks
Make Up: Emil Zed, Bobbie Gordon
Offline Edit: Ben Unwin
Grade / Effects: Sim Tennant
On-line: A weird box of Effects.
Catering: Phil Tidy
Runner: Veronica Allana
Camera Kit: Love Film
Lighting: c/o Spectrecom
Studio: Spectrecom Studios.
Choreographer: Joshua Hubbard
Dancers: Patrick Ross Webster, Gareth Mole, Simon Ventzislav Larsen, Michael Lin, Michael Duke, Joshua Hubbard

The saddest story ever told
The perfect Glory
So all alone
And I could love you
Til kingdom come
I might not deserve you
But save you from
The saddest story ever told
Loving only
What you behold
In your own reflection
When love is here
All your pretension
I hold you dear
The saddest story ever told
Narcissistic glory
To be all alone
And I could show you, listen what I say
To feel real love is to give it away
A happy ending would never be
Narcissus dying

Be in love, be in love, be in love, be in love, be in love with me, Narcissus

Narcissus touch me reach out your hand
Oh if you fall in love with your own reflection like it was planned
You would die in love fading to feel or to understand
That only I can give
Narcissus, I the nymph
The rosebud
Narcissus see me turn into sand
If you fall in love with your reflection you may be damned
But darling I could teach you to feel and understand
Narcissus my love, thy love Echo

Tastes Good With The Money

Fat White Family - "Tastes Good With The Money", from 'Serfs Up!', out 19th April 2019 on Domino Record Co.


Production Company: Squire Studio

Director: Róisín Murphy

Exec Producer: Phil Tidy

Producer: Astrid Edwards

Directors Assist: Jay Creagh

1st AD: Jamie Dyer


Cinematographer: Gabi Norland

1st AC: Chris Hayden

2nd AC: Theresa Adamson

Gaffer: Joe Williams

Electrician: Jonny Boomer


Art Director: Claudia Lyster

Art Assistant/SFX: Josie Corben

Prop Man: Jason Bradly

Costume Stylist: Polly Banks

Make-Up/Hair: Darren Evans


2nd AD: Elvis

Runner: Dave Burridge

Runner: Derya Atercan

Runner: Simon Tickner


Editor: Ben Unwin

Graphics: Jay Creagh

Grade: Connor Coolbear @ ETC


Cast: The Band, Baxter Dury, Talie, Siobhan & Lizzy

Location: The Ivy House, Hampton Court

All My Dreams

LOCATION: Store X at 180 The Strand
DIRECTOR: Róisín Murphy
1ST AD: Conor Joyce
DOP: Arran Green
FOCUS PULLER (Day 1): Marcus Albertsen
FOCUS PULLER (Day 2): Jed Darlington
GAFFER: Drew Morgan
SPARK: Daniele Colucciello
SPARK: Rupert Evans
PRODUCTION DESIGNER: Maurizio Cianciaruso
ART DIRECTOR: Charlotte King
WARDROBE DESIGNER: Roisin Murphy / Poppy Bell
MAKE UP: Dannielle Farrington
RUNNER/ DRIVER: David Burridge
OFFLINE EDIT: Jay Creagh / Zoe Desgraupes
ON-LINE: Jay Creagh and Nick Edwards.
TITLES: Matt Law
CAMERA KIT: Pixie Pixel


Featured performers:

Adam, Jatta, Ben Fairey, Gabi Gnat, Georgia Tegou, Joshua Hubbard, Juan Rioscar, Jude Thornley, L Leskier, Matt Conn, Mauricio ortiz.
Manuel Veidst, Tobi Seymour, Yperlab Yperlab, Zsoltan Bencsick, Tyra Wigg, Aoife McAtamney, Holly Meechan, Jenny Elliott, Louisa, Strachan, Tomorrows Talent, Moorje, Ollue PJ, Penelope Louise, Jekaterina Petrova, Elvis Rublovskis, Shane Smyth, Stephen Crowe, Alexander Aina, Cristiano Antonazzo, Corinne Beaty, Lee Doughnahy, Gaayathiri Luhinthiran, Gwyn Emberton, Iain Bru, Ishikawa Joanna, Jade Li, Laurie Brown, Liam Johnson, Lindy Nsingo, Loi Xuan Ly, Lucy Graham, Lukeza Skorski, Jess Mackey, Mathew Norton, Mark Lisseman, Jamie Anderson, Nadine Peters, Samuel Collins, Shona Frew, Sigourney, Simon Warren, Sonya Molyneux, Stuart Whelan, Vaida K, Janet Adyeri, Vidal Marcia


DJ Koze returns with his second track from "knock knock", his forthcoming album on Pampa Records. “Illumination” follows the previously released “Seeing Aliens” and is the first "knock knock" track Koze has shared featuring vocals. The ever-unique Róisín Murphy becomes a cyborg funk diva on “Illumination.” "Working on a song together with Roísín is even better than not working at all,” says Koze.