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Feel Your Weight (Poolside Remix)

Rhye - Feel Your Weight (Poolside Remix)


Director: Geneviève Medow Jenkins
Producer: Geneviève Medow Jenkins
DP: Larkin Donley
AC: Jonathan Rigattieri
Gaffer: Sam Wilkerson
Creative Concept: Geneviève Medow Jenkins
Choreographer, Apparatus Movement Director: Lisa Eaton
Starring: Terra Jo Wallace, Courtney Coll
Dancers: Brianna Pavon, Vanessa Trevino, ShirJuanda “Bounce” Woodso, Derek Schiesel, Tyrik Patterson, Tiffany Marzetta, Heather Blum, Nicole Avendano
Hair & Makeup: Amanda Bourne
PAs: David Foley, Josh Kay
Editor: Addie Liang
Colorist: Derek Hansen
Location: MAAVVEN Studios

Rhye (Tiny Desk Concert)

It seemed only fitting that when Rhye performed the band's Tiny Desk Concert that it be at night, illuminated by flickering light. The music Mike Milosh sings and writes conjures the evening and a swaying, romantic vibe.

It was five years ago nearly to the day that we filmed Rhye by candlelight in New York City as the band toured for its enigmatic album Woman. Mike Milosh requested that Rhye's members be filmed "only in silhouette, with the lights dimmed low" at Le Poisson Rouge show.

This time around the hundred or so flickering lights set the tone for the sextet of strings, keyboard, guitar, bass and drums to perform music from 2018's Blood. The sound is warm and velvety, all the instruments gently pulsing, as Mike Milosh softly sings with that high-pitched yearn.

Tiny Desk Concerts are often awkward by nature — bands playing in the middle of an office in the daytime for musicians used to playing in the evening, with stage lighting. But there was a special transformation that took place at this Tiny Desk the moment the music kicked in. I'm a sucker for a vibe in music — that feeling when a sound completely shifts the mood of a room. This vibe was more like a house show than an office, which put me in a pensive, pleasant place. Sit back and enjoy.


Set List

  • "Please"
  • "Taste"
  • "Song For You"



Producers: Bob Boilen, Morgan Noelle Smith; Creative Director: Bob Boilen; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Morgan Noelle Smith, Bronson Arcuri, CJ Riculan, Dani Lyman; Production Assistant: Joshua Bote; Photo: Eslah Attar/NPR.


Rhye performing "Taste" Live on KCRW // The seductive soul pop of Rhye has entranced us since their breakout debut album. They made their live radio debut at KCRW, and we're excited to welcome them back for this special session, recorded in front of a live audience at Apogee Studio.