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Canto Ostinato for one piano, two vibraphones and two marimbas

Recorded live in Amsterdam 07 April 2013 in Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ as part of "World Minimal Music Festival"
Piano - Ivo Janssen,
Marimbas - Ramon Lormans & Alexej Gerassimez
Vibraphones - Alexandre Esperet & Galdric Subirana

Recorded and broadcasted directly by Radio 4, The Netherlands in the program Avondconcert. The complete integral concert was to be heard (with an introduction of 15 minutes) at: (Avondconcert)

Duration in total 92 minutes without any break
It was well appreciated by a packed.concert hall (725 seats)

Simeon ten Holt website:
Ivo Janssen
Background information: