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Bill Callahan - NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

It's a high compliment to suggest that these three Bill Callahan songs may well implant themselves in your brain, lay eggs and sprout horrifically disturbing dreams at that point when you're banging on the snooze alarm in a state of anguished early-morning half-sleep. After Callahan — a.k.a. The Artist Formerly Known As Smog — performed at the NPR Music offices, my own slumber was absolutely haunted by at least one line from each piece he played.


From "Jim Cain": "I used to be darker / Then I got lighter / Then I got dark again."

From "Rococo Zephyr": "I used to be sorta blind / But now I can sorta see."

From "Too Many Birds": "If you could only stop your heartbeat for one heartbeat..."


All three songs are highlights from Callahan's magnificent new album, Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle, and all three are rendered here in faithful detail by Callahan and his crack team of backing players. The singer is, for obvious reasons, the driving force in these performances — every sound orbits around his deep, detached voice — but all those strings and guitars exude subtle warmth to match Callahan's sly but sneakily empathetic words.

The result is a Tiny Desk Concert that's more serious than most, and at times almost eerily transfixing. Immerse yourself in it, and you may just re-live it in your darkest dreams.

Do aborrecimento.

Domingo à noite é talvez o momento ideal da semana para fazer um post sobre o aborrecimento, a chatice, o tédio. Em particular depois de um fim de semana excelente, de dias e noites plenos de sorriso. Com a noite a acentuar a inevitabilidade da segunda-feira (aquela coisa que o Garfield odeia), os sunday night blues batem com mais força.

É por isso a altura perfeita para falar de um textinho genial do Joseph Brodsky que está aqui. É um excerto de uma adaptação de um commencement address de uma universidade americana (Dartmouth) - pausa para aconselhar outros dois, um de Steve Jobs em Stanford e outro de Seth McFarlane em Harvard. Vão ver que vale a pena. Tudo isto me lembra também o "Into The Wild" e um poema de Sharon Olds, mas adiante.

Diz o genial senhor Brodsky: "you'll be bored with your work, your friends, your  spouses, your lovers, the view from your window, the furniture or wallpaper in your room, your thoughts, yourselves. Accordingly, you'll try to devise ways of escape. (...) you may take up changing your job, residence, company, country, climate; you may take up promiscuity, alcohol, travel, cooking lessons, drugs, psychoanalysis."

E mais adiante: "When hit by boredom , let yourself be crushed by it; submerge, hit  bottom. In general, with things unpleasant, the rule is: The sooner you hit bottom, the faster you surface."

Não me apetece dizer mais nada, depois de ler isto, mas também me lembrei de uma música, o "Rock Bottom Riser", de Smog, porque sempre achei que era uma música sobre isto, bater no fundo e voltar à superfície. É este vídeo aqui abaixo.