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All Directions

Son Lux • All Directions


Directed by Nathan Johnson
Story and concept by Nathan, Marke, and Zachary Johnson
Produced by Ashim Ahuja


Father • Tom Cullen
Mother • Tatiana Maslany
Son • River Jordan West
Physicians • Jim Ojala, Mariko Enkoji-Busch, Aaron Esposito


Director of Photography • Steve Yedlin, ASC


Unit Production Manager • Robert Byrd
Production Coordinator • Karina Farah
Finance • Kimberly Johnson


1st Assistant Director • Kyle Dare
Visual Effects Supervisor • Dustin McKamie
Special Make-up Effects by Ojala Productions


1st Assistant Camera • Wade Whitley
2nd Assistant Camera • Michael McGee, Kara Rittenhouse
Camera Utility • Garrett Hanson


Chief Lighting Technician • Mark Ramsey
Set Lighting Technicians • Patrick Walter, Jose Ruiz, Garrett Lara, Aaron Mercado


Key Grip • Diego Mariscal
Grips • Conor Soules, Luis Batres, Arman Zajic


Hair and Make-up • Courtney Hart
Wardrobe Stylist • Amanda Maciel Antunes
Sound Design • Onnalee Blank
Sound Mixer • Kyle McLane
Production Designer • Stephanie Ottinger
Generator • Roger Roberge
Truck Production Assistant • Angel De La Rosa
Production Assistants • Patricia Gonzalez, Francisco Ceron
Catering • Tasha Williams
Graphic Design & Titles • Marke Johnson


Genesis Painting by Zachary Johnson

Special thanks to Brian Udovich and RocketJump, Jennifer Kuwabara, Dale Myrand, Chris Rogers and Crystal Marshall at Cinelease, Ted & Chandra, Paul Zucker

A Made Shop production in conjunction with RocketJump
"All Directions", from the album 'Brighter Wounds' on City Slang