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Sir Duke

Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke


Stevie Wonder's irresistible ode to jazz, explained

Stevie Wonder is one of the most widely celebrated artists in history. His music is infectious, melodic, and thoughtfully inspired by the jazz musicians who came before him. In his legendary song "Sir Duke," Stevie paid homage to the late Duke Ellington and his other predecessors.

Jacob Collier is a rising star in his own right and is Stevie Wonder's self-proclaimed greatest fan. Here, he breaks down the jazz influences and syncopations Stevie uses to create the magic that is "Sir Duke."

Stevie Wonder - As

Filmed around the time of making Songs In The Key Of Life, this rare footage of Stevie Wonder's much loved song "As" captures the spirit of love and what this song is all about. I re-synced the soundtrack as the original was skipping all over the place. Enjoy!