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Tacita Dean


Antigone, 2018 - 2 synchronized 35mm anamorphic color films, optical sound, with a running time of exactly 1 hour, continuous loop synced to start on the hour Edition of 4 plus 1 artist's proof


My English breath in foreign clouds, 2016 - Spray chalk, gouache and charcoal pencil on slate (121.4 x 151.8 x .9 cm)


Fatigues E, 2012 - Chalk on blackboard (229.8 x 556 cm)


Urdolmen II, 2009 - Blackboard paint on black and white fibre-based photograph mounted on paper (224 x 446 cm)

Tacita Charlotte Dean CBERA (born 1965) is a British visual artist who works primarily in film. She was a nominee for the Turner Prize in 1998, won the Hugo Boss Prize in 2006, and was elected to the Royal Academy of Arts in 2008. She lives and works in Berlin, Germany, and Los Angeles, California.