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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares

Currentzis and Kantorow

Currentzis conducts Brahms, Messiaen and Bång | Live recording of the Stuttgart Liederhalle on January 21, 2022.

Olivier Messiaen: Les offrandes oubliées, Symphonic Meditation
00:00:00 - La Croix. Tres lent
00:02:40 - Le Péché. Vif – Plus vif, agité
00:05:34 - L'Eucharist. Extreme lent

Johannes Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 2 in B flat major, Op. 83
00:12:04 - Allegro non troppo
00:30:27 - Allegro appassionato
00:39:45 - Andante
00:53:45 - Allegretto grazioso

01:04:57 - Johannes Brahms: "My slumber is becoming ever quieter", from: Five Songs op. 105 (Encore Frank-Michael Guthmann / Alexandre Kantorow)
01:10:23 - Igor Stravinsky: Firebird - Finale (Encore Alexandre Kantorov)
01:14:24 - Franz Liszt: Sonetto 104 del Petrarch (Encore Alexandre Kantorow)
01:21:40 - Malin Bång: splinters of ebullient rebellion for orchestra

Alexandre Kantorow, piano
SWR Symphony Orchestra
Teodor Currentzis, conductor

Monday Music

Currentzis conducts Prokofiev | Live recording in the Stuttgart Liederhalle on September 10, 2021.
Sergei Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No. 3 in C major op.26
00:00:00 - Andante - Allegro
00:09:49 - Subject con variazioni. Andantino
00:19:50 - Allegro ma non troppo

00:30:16 - Frédéric Chopin: Nocturne in C sharp minor op. Posth. (Encore Yulianna Avdeeva)

Sergei Prokofiev: Symphony No. 5 in B flat major, Op. 100
00:35:17 - Andante
00:48:53 - Allegro marcato
00:57:47 - Adagio
01:11:08 - Allegro giocoso

01:21:24 - Sergei Prokofiev: "Montagues and Capulets" from "Romeo and Juliet" Suite No. 2 (orchestral addition)

Yulianna Avdeeva, piano
SWR Symphony Orchestra
Teodor Currentzis, conductor


Hans Zender: Schuberts Winterreise, eine komponierte Interpretation für Tenor und kleines Orchester | Konzerthaus Freiburg, 20.3.2021
00:01:02 - 1. Gute Nacht / Good Night
00:09:49 - 2. Die Wetterfahne / The Weathervane
00:12:10 - 3. Gefrorne Tränen / Frozen Tears
00:14:16 - 4. Erstarrung / Numbness
00:18:14 - 5. Der Lindenbaum / The Linden Tree
00:23:10 - 6. Wasserflut / Flood
00:27:29 - 7. Auf dem Flusse / On the River
00:31:33 - 8. Rückblick / Backward Glance
00:33:46 - 9. Irrlicht / Will-o'-the-wisp
00:37:25 - 10. Rast / Rest
00:41:08 - 11. Frühlingstraum / Dream of Spring
00:45:19 - 12. Einsamkeit / Loneliness
00:48:59 - 13. Die Post / The Post
00:53:50 - 14. Der greise Kopf / The Grey Head
00:56:49 - 15. Die Krähe / The Crow
00:58:27 - 16. Letzte Hoffnung / Last Hope
01:00:47 - 17. Im Dorfe / In the Village
01:04:07 - 18. Der stürmische Morgen / The Stormy Morning
01:05:28 - 19. Täuschung / Illusion
01:08:03 - 20. Der Wegweiser / The Signpost
01:12:19 - 21. Das Wirtshaus / The Inn
01:16:55 - 22. Mut! / Courage!
01:20:01 - 23. Die Nebensonnen / The Mock Suns
01:24:46 - 24. Der Leiermann / The Hurdy-Gurdy Man

Sebastian Kohlhepp, Tenor
SWR Symphonieorchester
Dirigent: Teodor Currentzis

La Lugubre Gondola

Teodor Currentzis conducts the SWR Symphony Orchestra as part of the Donaueschinger Musiktage 2020 | Production in the Liederhalle Stuttgart, October 2020
00:00:28 - Marko Nikodijevic: cvetić, kućica ... / la lugubre gondola (funeral music based on Franz Liszt for orchestra, 2009)
00:16:57 - Alexey Sioumak: Il pianista è semper solo for ensemble
00:26:48 - Alexey Retinsky: Spearmint for orchestra

Johanna Zimmer, soprano (Retinsky)
SWR Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Teodor Currentzis

A Nona

“Beethoven’s Ninth” is a music documentary on the occasion of the 250th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven. To this day, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony is one of the most popular pieces of classical music around the world. In this 90-minute film, you will discover new interpretations of the famous Ninth, performed by passionate musicians.

Watch as Greek conductor Teodor Currentzis works on Beethoven’s Ninth with his ensemble, MusicAeterna. Or observe Chinese composer and Oscar winner Tan Dun as he creates a new composition inspired by the great Beethoven symphony. Experience first-hand the Orchestre Symphonique Kimbanguiste in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as they interpret the Ninth, in part using instruments built by the musicians themselves. Visit a favela in Brazil, where Beethovens’s music helps people get off the streets. Be amazed as a choir of 10,000 in Japan sings the “Ode to Joy,” the final chorus of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, with great enthusiasm. Learn how Paul Whittaker helps make Beethoven, who himself became deaf, accessible for deaf people. And find out how British DJ Gabriel Prokofiev performs a symphonic remix of Beethoven’s Ninth.

At the end of this musical journey, you will see that in every country on the globe, people dream of a better world in which human beings can live as brothers and sisters. In playing and singing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, this dream becomes true, if only for a moment.

A breathtaking documentary about the greatest symphony of all times.

- shot in Shanghai, Osaka, Sao Paolo, Salzburg, Kinshasa, Barcelona, Bonn

starring: Teodor Currentzis / Tan Dun / Gabriel Prokofiev / Yutaka Sado / Armand Diangienda / Paul Whittaker / Isaac Karabtchevsky


Teodor Currentzis - Fragments Part I - "Traviata" - Act III: Preludio, scena e aria

From Opera Wire:

Sony Classical has launched “Fragments,” a series of iconic opera scenes, recorded in Saint Petersburg, under the direction of Teodor Currentzis. The first in this series features a segment from Verdi’s “La Traviata.”

Currentzis recorded the Prelude to Act three and Violetta’s famous Aria “Addio del Passato Bei Sogni Ridenti” alongside Russian soprano Nadezhda Pavlova.

The parts of Annina and Doctor Grenville are performed Yulia Sayfulmulyukova and Víktor Shapovalov, both soloists of the musicAeterna choir.

“This is a project that I’ve been dreaming about for a long time […] to make opera when there is plenty of time to make exactly the music I want to; to only care about the true essence of the piece and not about how to make it hectically in three days,” the conductor stated in an official press release. “So, we grabbed the opportunity and decided to creatively use this difficult period of time that we are all going through […] while opera houses are closed […] This seemed to be the right time to reconsider the approach of making music in a manner that would allow us to finally reach the inner layer of the musical text. This project will be a compilation of fragments, scenes from different operas. We aim to restore the wasted beauty, the abundance of flavors and colors that have been sacrificed on the altar of the mainstream, and the music industry.”

Currentzis | Kopatchinskaja | SWR Symphonieorchester

Opening concert for the 2020 season with works by Lachenmann, Dowland, Kourliandski, Biber and Scelsi | Liederhalle Stuttgart, September 2020

00:00:11 - Helmut Lachenmann: "... two feelings ...", music with Leonardo
00:23:39 - John Dowland: Weep you no more, sad fountains
00:28:25 - Dmitri Kourliandski: possible places for violin and orchestra
00:39:39 - Heinrich Ignaz Biber: Battalia for strings and basso continuo (Ed. By Nikolaus Harnoncourt)
00:51:25 - Giacinto Scelsi: Anahit, lyric poem on the name of Venus for violin and 18 instruments

Helmut Lachenmann, speaker
Patricia Kopatchinskaja, violin and vocals
Teodor Currentzis, vocals
Axel Wolf, lute
SWR Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Teodor Currentzis

Strauss und Mahler

Gustav Mahler: Sinfonie Nr. 1 D-Dur (viersätzige Fassung von 1910)
Richard Strauss: Tod und Verklärung op. 24
Live-Konzert, Liederhalle Stuttgart, Februar 2020

00:00:00 - Strauss: Tod und Verklärung

Mahler: Sinfonie Nr. 1 D-Dur
00:28:28 - I. Langsam. Schleppend. Wie ein Naturlaut – Im Anfang sehr gemächlich
00:45:07 - II. Kräftig bewegt, doch nicht zu schnell
00:53:00 - III. Feierlich und gemessen, ohne zu schleppen
01:04:29 - IV. Stürmisch bewegt
01:24:27 - Applaus

SWR Symphonieorchester
Dirigent: Teodor Currentzis