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luís soares

Blog do escritor Luís Soares


The Blaze - Queens (Official Video)


Directed by Jonathan and Guillaume Alric
Director of photography: Nicolas Loir
Producers: Maëva Tenneroni and Horace de Gunzbourg
Actors: Najaa Fazouati, Lina El Arabi
Stylist: Marion Brillouet
Editor: Nicolas Larrouquere
Color grading : Mathieu Caplanne


The Blaze - Heaven (Official Video)

Music video directed by The Blaze

Produced by Iconoclast
Director of photography: Matias Boucard
Producer: Roman Pichon Herrera
Line producer: Guillaume Le Gat
Actor: Kevin Bago Stylist: Juliette Alleaume
Editors: Adriana Legay/Nicolas Larouquerre
Service company: Evidencia
Post production: Poster

The Blaze

The Blaze - Virile

The Blaze defy time and spread confusion amongst minds with their mesmerising very first track and video Virile, featured on Homieland vol.2 back in January 2016.

Music video directed by The Blaze.
UKMVA Best Pop Alternative Video.


The Blaze - Territory

Music video directed by The Blaze

Produced by Iconoclast
Production service by Deux Horloges
Director of photography: Benoit Soler
Producer: Roman Pichon Herrera
Actor: Dali Benssalah
Stylist: Juliette Alleaume

A huge thanks to Yacine & Hugo, the '2 Horloges' from Algiers