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Serpentine Prison

The official music video for “Serpentine Prison”, the title track from Matt Berninger’s debut solo record. Produced by Booker T. Jones, the album will be released via Book Records in conjunction with Concord Records on October 2.

The song Serpentine Prison was written in December 2018 about a week after recording The National’s I Am Easy to Find. For a long time I had been writing songs for movies and musicals and other projects where I needed to get inside someone else’s head and convey another person’s feelings. I liked doing that but I was ready to dig back into my own garbage and this was the first thing that came out.

The title is from a twisting sewer pipe that drains into the ocean near LAX. There’s a cage on the pipe to keep people from climbing out to sea. I worked on the song with Sean O’Brien and Harrison Whitford and recorded it about six months later with Booker T. Jones producing. It feels like an epilogue so I named the record after it and put it last.

Directed, shot and edited by Tom Berninger and Chris Sgroi
Filmed at Earthstar Creation Center, Venice, CA
Written by Matt Berninger, Sean O'Brien and Harrison Whitford

The National - Live on KCRW, 2011

2020 marks the 10th anniversary of The National's celebrated breakthrough album High Violet. In2011, the 5-piece band, along with a horn section, performed a staggering and ornate session for KCRW. The emotional tension the band creates in a live setting is their calling card, and it's awarded them festival headlining slots and sold-out arenas around the world. This is when it all started.

Set List:
0:01 Anyone's Ghost
3:03 Afraid of Everyone
7:08 Conversation 16
11:29 Bloodbuzz Ohio
16:14 England
21:37 Fake Empire
24:58 Terrible Love
29:16 Daughters of the Soho Riots

Enjoy this session? Support KCRW's mission to share music with the world. Our non-profit radio station in Santa Monica, California has supported musicians and DJs for more than 40 years. Help us continue our music programming by donating whatever you can: - Music | Culture | News | NPR

The National - Guilty Party: Basilica Hudson

Please support our crew:

Our crew are the lifeblood of our touring operation and have become family through the many years we’ve worked together. As uncertainty looms over the state of the live concert industry, we will direct all profits from merch sales through our webstore, new Cherry Tree enrollments, and sales from the Cherry Tree members-only store to support our crew members throughout this crisis to the best of our ability.

Produced by La Blogothèque
In association with 100 Year Films

Director: David Ctiborsky

Audio mix: Jonathan Low

Executive producer: Christophe ‘Chryde’ Abric
Producer: Ondine Benetier

Executive producer 100 Year Films: Bill Kirstein
Producer 100 Year Films: Andrew Gladstone

Event producer: Brandon Reid

Director of Photography: Elie Girard


The National

Matt Berninger - Vocals
Aaron Dessner - Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Bryce Dessner - Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Bryan Devendorf - Drums, Vocals
Scott Devendorf - Bass, Vocals
Kyle Resnick - Keys, Trumpet, Vocals
Benjamin Lanz - Keys, Trombone, Vocals

Mouse on Mars

Andi Toma
Jan St. Werner

Nadia Sirota

Nadia Sirota
Zoe Weiss
Ben Russell
Gabe Cabezas

So Percussion

Jason Treuting
Eric Cha-Beach
Josh Quillen
Adam Sliwinski
Luz Carime Santa-Coloma
Yumi Tamashiro

Buke and Gase

Arone Dyer
Aron Sanchez

Technical crew The National

Michael Brown - Creative Director
Casey Reas - Projections
Stu Tenold - Production Manager
Kyle Lewis - Drum & Keyboard Tech
Mikey Loy - Guitar & Bass Tech
Darrell Plampin - Guitar Tech
Evan Middlesworth - Playback & Teleprompter Tech
Donato Paternostro - Monitor Tech
Bella Blasko - Assistant

Management for The National

Straight & Narrow Artist Management
Brandon Reid
Shaun Gibson
Julia Willinger
Grant Manship
Wayne Petti
Alison D’Arrigo



Video crew

2nd Unit Director of Photography: Bill Kirstein
Camera Operator: Sam Falconi
Crane Operator: Adam Troeger
Crane Assistant: Dylan Greene
Steadicam Operator: Tanner Carlson
Dolly Grip: Richard Cohen
Assistants Camera: James Lamberg
JD Devirgilis
Digital Imaging Technician: Anne Hollowday
Production assistant: Baba Kane

Mix & mastering: Jonathan Low
Sound Recordist (B-roll & interviews): Turner Curran

Post production manager: Matéo Lahais
Post production assistant: Alexandre Sellem
Color grading: Julien Bru

Basilica Hudson

Melissa Auf der Maur
Tony Stone
Sophie Henderson
Sarah Van Buren
Sarah Roberts Hale
Kate Hewett
Duncan Rich
Roman Horst
John Rosenthal

A portion of the proceeds from this event benefitted Basilica Hudson to support its mission to further the creation, production and presentation of arts and culture while fostering sustainable community.

© The National 2017

Hard To Find

Lost video for Hard To Find surfaces. Director Michael Brown discovers lost underwater footage on old hard drive.

“This video has been buried away for 6 years and I can’t think of a better time than now to share it with the world and add a tiny touch of beauty to what is already lost. In Feb. of 2014 we were half-way through the ‘Trouble Will Find Me’ touring cycle. After finishing a run of great shows in Australia, we had one day-off before the last show on the run, a west coast performance in Perth. We all decided as one big touring-family that we wanted to rent a boat and make a journey to see a series of islands off the coast that are protected nature reserves. As we anchored in one of the bays, we all noticed there was a fearless group of seals swimming around the boat. Brandon and Matt decided to jump in first and to the surprise of us all, the seals started swimming alongside them and playing with us. At the time I always kept a camera with me to add video content to our show if a good opportunity arose. So I jumped in after them and caught this beautifully humanizing moment of Matt swimming with the seals. A memory that reminds me just how lucky we are to be able to share things like this with one another.” - Michael Brown

Never Tear Us Apart

The National's cover of INXS' ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ is taken from the album 'Songs For Australia'; an extraordinary album made by a collection of artists from around the world who have each donated their time to record a cover of an Australian song.

The album was made to raise money for organizations in Australia who are working towards creating a better future for the country and helping to rebuild during and after the bushfire crisis. ‘Songs for Australia’ will be digitally released Thursday, March 12 through BMG.

Hey Rosey

From The National's new album 'I Am Easy To Find' out now

Directed by Mike Mills
Starring Sharon Eyal
Produced by La Blogothèque

D.O.P: Nicolas Pétris
1st AC: Kevin Rosé
2nd AC: Marina Piantoni

Executive Producer: Christophe "Chryde" Abric
Producer: Ondine Benetier
Line producer: Rémy Solomon
Production Manager: Philippine Graffard
Unit Manager: Lydie Tourniéroux

Directed by Mike Mills
Starring Sharon Eyal
Produced by La Blogothèque

D.O.P: Nicolas Pétris
1st AC: Kevin Rosé
2nd AC: Marina Piantoni

Executive Producer: Christophe "Chryde" Abric
Producer: Ondine Benetier
Line producer: Rémy Solomon
Production Manager: Philippine Graffard
Unit Manager: Lydie Tourniéroux

I Am Easy To Find

"I Am Easy To Find," a short film directed Mike Mills and an album by The National out May 17.

For more information and special features, visit







WATCH Director's Commentary by Mike Mills:

WATCH Commentary by The National's Matt Berninger and album contributor Carin Besser:

WATCH Film Q&A From New York's Beacon Theatre with The National, Mike Mills and moderator Julien Baker:

Hairpin Turns

From The National's new album 'I Am Easy to Find' out May 17

Watch the trailer for I Am Easy to Find at


Production Company – La Blogothèque / MJZ

Director – Mike Mills

Choreographer/Dancer – Sharon Eyal

Executive Producer – Emma Wilcockson

Producer – Ondine Benetier / Anousonne Savanchomkeo

Line Producer – Rémy Solomon

Editor – Stephen Berger

Director of Photography – Adric Watson

Color by MPC

Colorist (MPC) - Mark Gethin

Color assist (MPC) - Dimitri Rajapakse

Executive Producer (MPC) – Meghan Lang

Producer (MPC) – Rebecca Boorsma