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George Steinmetz - Summer Over The City

The city being New York and the complete portfolio being available on the New Yorker site. From Whitney Johnson's introduction:

The photographer George Steinmetz has shot his iconic aerial photographs from the skies over more than seventy countries, including China, Israel, and Libya. For the past year, however, Steinmetz, who lives in suburban New Jersey, has remained closer to home, trading his paraglider for a helicopter to explore New York City and its surroundings.


"There is so much I don't notice until I'm editing," Steinmetz said. He recalled one sunrise flight around a residential tower in the Financial District: "I caught someone preparing breakfast in their birthday suit." That picture didn't make the final cut.

Três fotografias.

No post anterior, estava o que é, provavelmente, um dos melhores poemas de Verão que me lembro de ler. Neste ficam três fotografias que me põem no mesmo estado de espírito. Não conheço os autores, lamento, mas soube-me bem ordená-las como se fossem um mergulho.